Abandoned Forevers

Once again, Danielle(@danielledarlynn_) and myself got together and created something that surprised the heck outta me with the outcome. A good friend of mine, Alfonso (many of you probably know him as Fonz, the tattoo artist @ajimenz90) told me about this abandoned office the last time me and him had a chance to sit down and converse. He showed me around and suggested that how cool it would be to have a photo shoot there...

About a week ago I contacted Danielle asked her how does she feel about trespassing in an abandoned upstairs office? "as long as there's no guns I'm cool.", I hollered. Pure comedy. 

With all of that being said, yesterday her and myself met up and headed to the location in hopes that we wouldn't be stopped by police nor the locals, seeing two young welly-dressed individuals going somewhere where it appeared we don't belong. The office was just as I remembered...I don't remember the amount of cigarette butts that lined the window seals. The place looked as if suffered from water damage. Pealed paint throughout the walls. Ceiling had holes in it. There was dust caked up everywhere you could imagine. And of course I'd be the one to ask of her to lean of this and rest of arms on that, wearing her nice outfit. Overall fun times.

Believe it or not, her entire outfit was under $20. The vintage genuine leather handbag only $15. Young Thrifter with a cause.