Danielle Darlynn

So I got in touch with Danielle (@danielledarlynn_) shortly after seeing her preform with her dance crew back in October at an art showcase event. They freaking came through + murdered it + left...By far one thee best dance crews I've seen in a while. Check them out.

A few days before the shoot I first asked her to PLEASE never cut her hair (tell me it's not amazing...don't worry, I'll wait). And then I asked, what it is that motivates you and what are you passionate about? She responded, "You are asking a lot of questions lol. What motivates me is love, not just romantic love but self love, the love of others around me, in the sunflowers, in the winds, everything around me. I'm passionate about my happiness." 

I love her spirit and just her general outlook on life. Which is what inspired our shoot. 

During her Spring Break with got together, along with one of her stylist friends and just had fun. It all came organically. First location we almost got the police called on us for trespassing but the reward was greater than the risk. Overall, with the limited time we had to work with we made the best out of it. One of the sweetest and genuine people you'll ever meet. Looking forward to linking back up and creating again soon. Namaste.

I knew she had a dancing as well as yoga background so asking her to balance on a post between torn bushes was a piece of cake for her.