Aim High...Fly-Fight-Win

Where do I begin? I can honestly say first impressions really make a huge difference when it comes to meeting people; networking is key. Through my brother, George, I met a few of his roommates and friends at Rutgers-New Brunswick (New Gunzwick as I like to call it), whom were also apart of the ROTC program they have at their school. You know how the saying goes, "a friend of yours is a friend of mine"  or something along those lines? And that's exactly what happened. All of the friends George introduced me to, in no time became friends as mine even after he left for the Air Force back in the summer.

Fast forward a bit; a couple of the cadets that I knew through George contacted me to find out if I could come photograph their ceremony in celebrating their Commission into the United States Air Force as Second I was humbled that they even thought enough of me to consider me for the job. So of course I wouldn't miss that for the world. The day that they swear in and their lives will never be the same ever again.

I can't lie. I started to get those pregame jitters before everything got started but soon enough I got into my zone. 

I want to personally say thank you again Rutgers University for having me. And I wanna say a special thank you and congratulations to Kevin, Natalia, Lin, Red and of course George. I appreciate you all for the sacrifices you've made to serve our country.

These patches were pretty sick.

Who the heck knew that this guy could sing like that and why wasn't I informed? (Oo no, I wasn't ready...hope you caught that reference)