Hello Brooklyn

What do you do when a potential client cancels on you last minute? You can either take the negative road, complain and allow it to ruin your vibe OR choose to make the best out of the situation which I did.

Last weekend, I met up with a good friend of mine and aspiring New York City based model, Josh (@juzjosh_n) in Staten Island, hopped on the ferry and headed to the city to walk around, scout new locations and see if we could get some images worthy of taking.

Unfortunately, I still can't use a metro card to save my life. Spent about a good 45 seconds swiping that thing in the subway station before the guy behind me insisted to hand it over and allow him to do it for me. (Red flag that I'm not from around here...) Not to mention that I dropped my transceiver and lost one of its batteries through the cracks.

Overall, it was a great trip. There was a fleet of other photogs once we made it up the bridge. Yet it was all love. An older guy even offered to let me use his 24-70L. The generosity is real.

This girl had some sick shots. Long exposures of the Brooklyn Bridge across to Manhattan.